Friday, March 11, 2011

And the Oscar goes to...

So, I really am bad at this blog thing. To make up for it, I'm going to post two for your pleasure. First up, I love movies. I mean, I really really love movies. I think Netflix is one of the greatest inventions of our generation. I'm totally serious. Scoff if you wish. Having said that, I've always wanted to host an Oscar party. One day I'll have a fancy one with a red carpet, but for now, I was happy with friends, popcorn (apparently I forgot to take a picture of the cute popcorn boxes I found at World Market), and movie candy :)

I made a point of trying to see all of the nominated movies this year. I saw a vast majority and the rest are in my Netflix queue...all of the documentaries are up first because I'm really loving them lately.
We (my husband and I) tied for first on our own ballots. Kudos to M+C for tying us! I wasn't at all surprised that "The King's Speech" won so many awards. It was a fantastic movie. I was bummed that "True Grit" didn't win any! I highly recommend both of those movies. What movies did you like the most this year?